The Hanau massacre

An extreme manifestation of hate crimes still on the rise across Europe

The attack which caused 11 dead and 4 injured in the Turkish community of the German town of Hanau is the third attack in nine months in Germany. It is precisely an extraneous and dramatic episode, which, however, brings attention back to the growth of xenophobic hate sentiments throughout the Old Continent. The presence of groups and movements that incite racial hatred is not a prerogative of Germany, unfortunately in many European countries we see the growth of these movements and the spread of racist hate speech.

In particular, there are episodes of Islamophobia, forms of discrimination and stigmatisation, explicitly directed at people belonging to Muslim communities.
In Belgium, France, Germany and Italy the number of these acts is increasing, but unfortunately most of them are not even reported to the authorities.

The media play a very important role, they have a duty to report this news, not to lose our indignation at this form of injustice that deprives many people of their fundamental freedoms because of their religious beliefs.