What is illegal OFFLINE remains illegal ONLINE

The European Commission released today, Monday the 22nd of June, the results of its Fifth evaluation of the 2016 Code of Conduct on countering illegal hate speech online.

According to the recent figures 90% of flagged content is assessed by IT Companies within 24 hours and 71% of the content deemd to be illegal hate speech is removed.

European Representatives consider this a big step forward and, in fact, the results of the evaluation marks an increase in the application of the Code, which since its implementation has been signed by all the biggest IT Companies.

Nevertheless a continuos monitoring is necessary from all actors involved in coutering hate speech, the companies, the institutions and civil society as well.

Within the report there is also an analysis of the different grounds of haterd in 2019, where we can see that nearly 10% of the cases of hate speech reported are motivated by Islamophobia and more in general 15% of the cases are based on xenophobia(including anti-migrant hatred).

Download here the factsheet with key figures on the fifth monitoring of the Code of Conduct