Young people take action against Islamophobia

The starting of the videomaking laboratories

Despite the difficulties we are experiencing throughout Europe due to the Covid 19 pandemic, in the autumn our project continued its activities, starting to directly involve more and more those who are the real protagonists of this project: young people.

In October, 10 young people from a youth center in Milan were involved in the first session of the video making workshop conceived and organized by Lab80film.

Lab80film is a worker Cooperative born in Bergamo in 1976 with several aims: organizing screenings and festivals, producing and distributing films and offering various services aimed at realizing audiovisual products.

Thanks to their expertise in audiovisual production, but also in training with young people, a first cycle structured on 5 meetings was started in which the boys and girls had the opportunity to confront each other on the issue of discrimination and stereotypes towards Muslim girls, express their opinion and at the same time receive technical training on the basic elements of video shooting.
With the guidance of Lab80film the girls and boys put themselves directly behind the camera to tell through their eyes positive stories, which emerged during the workshop, of girls and women who were able to defeat the stereotypes in which society wanted to cage them.
An intense work that required a lot of commitment from the group, who was confronted with a very complex issue and yet did not give up getting involved, learning new stories and telling their opinion.

Unfortunately at the moment the activity is suspended due to health protection restrictions, which are now in force all over Europe, but our work does not stop, as soon as it will be possible the workshops will start again with the aim of involving a total of 180 girls and boys and collect 6 videos that will form a webserie to promote a counter-narrative on the role of Muslim girls in our society.