Youth groups and islamophobia: Guidelines to promote a more just society

Within the MEET project, have released a series of guidelines to support youth organizations and groups in raising awareness against the risks of islamophobia and in building concrete actions to counteract it. 

The document aims to help local actors build a widespread culture based on tolerance and respect and to involve youths in the process by highlighting the key role that they can play in shaping a future free from stereotypes. Step by step, the guidelines help to design and implement actions that counteract islamophobia while engaging with those most affected by prejudice.

Encouraging dialogue and exchange is at the core of any action designed to build a more inclusive society. The document also comes with a comprehensive list of resources and suggested readings to learn more about Islam and the contribution of musilm women and girls in our society.

As the document outlines, the systemic discrimination faced by muslim women and girls on a daily basis leads both to direct attacks, in person and online, and to their exclusion from professional opportunities.

To read and download the guidelines in Italian and English, please click below.