MEET campaign kicks off in France

Pistes Solidaires held its MEET campaign launch event on the 23rd of June in Pau, France.

Participants were encouraged to take part in different workshops, proposed to create an exchange between different generations. Since the location of the event was in a popular neighbourhood of the city, the event itself had a lot of social and cultural diversity. This helped to create an interesting dynamic around the different activities. 

The  screening of the campaign teaser was followed by the three French episodes of the European webseries. Each episode was then followed by a testimonial from a youth or a messenger that took part in the video labs. 

After the screening, the audience was invited to share a convivial moment  around  a  buffet. This gave them the chance to engage with the audience and ask them to discuss and share their thoughts about what they had just watched and heard. 

The youths explained how participating in the workshops was helpful for them to understand that the discrimination towards Muslim women and girls is much more complicated and nouanced than they previously thought and that there are a lot of hidden components that they weren’t aware of before. 

To watch the French episodes of the webseries, click here.