Preventing Islamophobia against women and girls: survey analysis report

Within the Project MEET – More Equal Europe Together. Preventing Islamophobia against women & girls, we conducted a survey on Islamophobia against women and girls with the aim to foster dialogue and coalition building among communities in Europe, and to promote a reinforcement of EU legal framework on Islamophobia.

Two focus groups were held in each of the six countries involved in the project. One focus group targeted Muslim women and girls and the other one non-Muslims (women and men), in order to enquire on the level of discrimination suffered by Muslims and Muslim women in particular and their perception within the society.

The main areas of investigation were the following:

  • Views and opinions of Muslim women and girls on Islamophobia and discrimination, with a focus particularly on: discrimination at school, discrimination at work, discrimination among civil society;
  • Stereotypes linked with Muslim women and girls and brainstorming on how to deconstruct them.

The focus groups were held between November 2019 and June 2020. With the outbreak of the pandemic, the activity moved online, by using video conference tools, in order to ensure safety of participants.