Youth Empowerment Support
for Muslim Communities

yes is a project thought to empower Muslim communities and namely young people, to make them aware of their rights.

Muslim communities in Europe are often victims of discrimination, but it is precisely the younger generations that can become Equity Defenders, and spread more awareness among their peers, but generally within their communities, about the rights and legal instruments that people can use to demand justice and defend their rights.

The Project is implemented in Italy by Fondazione L’Albero della Vita (the coordinator), Progetto Aisha and Associazione Le Reseau


They are young people, from Milan and Lombardy area. They are second generation migrants and/or migrants, male and female, with less than 30 years who feel a strong desire to help their own community and contribute to the promotion of an inclusive society.

They will be active part of this project and a reference point within their community. The Equity Defenders will provide all necessary information to anyone in need, or anyone interested to deepen their knowledge about religious minorities rights in the city of Milan, in Lombardy region and more in general in Italy.


Unfortunately, for some people discrimination is a daily-normalized experience, but victims have the rights to report crimes and often to do so a change of mind-set is necessary.

Equity Defenders will collaborate with migrants associations or second generations communities leaders to organize informative sessions for members of Muslim / Islamic communities. Those meetings will be focused on minorities’ rights and reporting mechanisms; potential victims will be oriented to social services and other institutions such as police department.

Soon we will schedule a calendar of the informative events, open to the public.


We are organizing the International Youth Forum against Islamophobia!

Five days of exchange of experiences and ideas among young people, boosting new connections among communities in Europe and transferring knowledge for activating Equity defender in Europe.

Follow us to stay updated on our activities!


Youth is the main target group of the YES project, every partner in the consortium has the responsibility to ensure that every partner has incorporated safeguarding policies into their policies and actions.
All the partners of the YES project agreed to a commitment to keep children safe. All the partners are aware of the importance of Child Safeguarding Standards and partners support each other to achieve compliance and competence around child safeguarding, including the provision or exchange of resources.
The Children Safeguarding Standards herein adopted are in line with the UN Child Rights Convention and they have elaborated on the base of FADV’s Child Protection Policy and on the Child Safeguarding Standards and how to implement them elaborated by Keeping Children Safe.
In regards to project activities, three aspects are considered in the Children Safeguarding Standards:
• Reducing the risk of harm by staff, volunteers and associates
• Running safe events and activities for children
• Ensuring good practice when using the media

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